Candy Says films

We’re on the lookout for more films in need of Candy Says music! If you like the sound of the Burn Burn Burn soundtrack and you’re looking for a film composer, drop us an email.

Feature films

Burn Burn Burn

We worked with Marc Canham to create the soundtrack to Charlie Covell’s first feature film, which stars Laura Carmichael, Chloe Pirrie, Jack Farthing, Joe Dempsie, Nigel Planer, Jane Asher, Sally Phillips, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Alison Steadman, Matthew Kelly… It has been Watch the trailer or watch the whole film on Netflix!

Music Videos

Melt Into The Sun

Our first music video, filmed in a freezing barn. Written and directed by Bekim Mala, starring Dan Norman and Steve Hay as the boxers, and Tamsin Heatley and Veronica Sevegrand as the wives.

Favourite Flavour

A surreal storboard by Bekim Mala was brought to life with the help of an airfield, a tractor, a team of helpful friends and a lot of green screen.

Kiss Kill

This video was created entirely on a ZX Spectrum by Matt Westcott (aka. Gasman) using 5,919 lines of assembly language code, 545 lines of Python, 81 lines of Ruby and 14 lines of Perl.


The strangest idea yet – two bodies perform a series of movements, their position suggested only by light and shadow. Directed by Bekim Mala.


Tamsen Heatley plays the drunken circus owner’s wife in this mesmerising and theatrical film. Directed by Bekim Mala.

Concert films

Live at St Barnabas

Our first home town headline show in Oxford, filmed and edited by Jonathan, Atlus and Brook at Arrowhawk media, recorded and mixed by Narco with live painting and set design by Bekim Mala, massive lights by Kester McClure and guest appearances from Dan Norman and Chiara Iacobazzi.

Space Tour

Our tour of outer space passed through the Lexington in London, where Jonathan and Atlus filmed the whole show. Ariel Lerner recorded and mixed the audio, Bekim Mala painted the backdrop and Juju designed the space costumes.

Albion Beatnik Bookshop

Coming soon… For this intimate bookshop gig we built a choir of singing book-headed mannequins using old stereo speakers and Kester’s clever lighting.


Candy Says Relax

Filmmaker Charlie Covell followed us for a year, documenting the ups and downs of life as a soon-to-be-world-famous chic-pop band, eventually boiling it down to five short and insightful episodes.

First Flight To Wuhan

Coming soon… When we first put the Candy Says line-up together we played a 2-week tour of China. Juju was 6 months pregnant, Ben had just started a day job and Mike had only just joined the band. The documentary filmmaker we were taking with us never showed up at the airport, so we bought a camera and filmed it ourselves.